Founded September 15, 2010, the mission of the Snowy Owl Foundation is to support land, arts, education, and human need with imagination by providing nourishment to good organizations. Explore Grantees to see a sample of past recipients and the impact in our community.

How the Foundation was named

“Years ago, while on a trip to the Arctic I was inspired by the Snowy Owl.

Staying in a tent by the Beaufort Sea, in Northern Alaska, I could hear the ice crack and sing. A she-grizzly and her cubs walked by. A wolverine bathed in a puddle by my tent. Swans nestled together in the white fog above sea ice.

Leaving in a bush plane, the pilot pointed out two lines of snowy owls. They made a path for the low plane’s passage. It was a sight he had never seen before.

Walking in the tundra, I had seen the Snowy Owl nest. As a practice, she leaves a circle of lemmings for her chick in the center. While she is gone hunting – or in case of her disappearance – the chick has a chance to survive in her circle of plenty.

The plenty I will leave through the Snowy Owl Foundation may give strength to the ones who need it.”

–Nana Lampton